Other Civic Support Enterprise Projects

Sola Impact 

The NDSC team assisted SOLA Impact with the design of several surveys to better understand the needs of their new tenants and how to connect them to services and potential pathways to homeownership.

A Place Called Home (APCH)

The NDSC team assisted with preparing data for APCH, an organization that has been serving South Central youth ages eight to mid-twenties and their families through education and arts programs, mental health counseling, mentorship, job readiness, college scholarships, civic engagement, and more. APCH partnered with Gray Space Consulting to telling retrospective and current stories of impact, set in the context of South Central Los Angeles community conditions as seen through data. The NDSC team helped in this effort by honing in on the types of data that would illuminate and bring to life the GIS mapping component of the project, and provided subsequent data on community conditions throughout the years including poverty levels and education levels. With this data, APCH and their partners were able to create accurate and telling maps as a background to powerful stories of client resilience. 

South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone (SLATE-Z) 

The NDSC team assisted SLATE-Z with updating the list of metrics that two of the organization’s key working groups will use to track their progress moving forward. SLATE-Z is a place-based initiative and collective impact partnership whose mission is to revitalize South Los Angeles by moving residents to economic opportunity.

Koreatown Youth + Community Center (KYCC)

The NDSC team provided detailed data on immigration, languages spoken, and LGBTQIA+ populations to the KYCC in order to help them better target their services in the right communities. KYCC was established in 1975 to support a growing population of at-risk youth in Los Angeles. Today, KYCC is the leading multiservice organization in Koreatown, supporting children and their families in the areas of education, health, housing, and finances.

Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE)

The NDSC team consulted the LACOE on the types of neighborhood data that they should use for their Community School Initiative data dashboards. These dashboards will provide LACOE staff with accessible, timely, relevant, accurate, and actionable data and provide key stakeholders like parents with the latest information of its progress.

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